How we store hydrogen

Green hydrogen is a key energy carrier driving the decarbonization of buildings, infrastructure and industry. As hydrogen pioneers, we develop the safest hydrogen storage systems and help customers around the world achieve their climate goals.

Green energy from wind, water and the sun is converted into hydrogen, the hydrogen molecules flow into the centre and are solidly absorbed in the metal lattice.

The metal hydrides can last for decades without any losses , they are the most reliable and safest way to store hydrogen. When we need energy the hydrogen is released from the storage and converted back into electricity and heat.

Power 2 Power

When taking the excess hydrogen produced by renewable resources and storing them until needed our HY2MINI and HY2MEDI storage solutions offers two options.

The hydrogen can be converted into energy when needed, or the hydrogen can be transformed directly into heat as well, able to warm a domicile with ease.

Power to power Infographic

Hydrogen Storage

The hydrogen stored in the HY2MEGA can be converted into energy or heat and, for industrial purposes the hydrogen can also be accessed directly as hydrogen.

The hydrogen can be converted into energy when needed, or the hydrogen can be transformed directly into heat as well, able to warm a domicile with ease.

Hydrogen Storage Infographic

Metal Hydride Energy Storage


All-in-one solution for zero-emission power supply.


Solid-state hydrogen storage provides safety through design.


15x smaller size than 40bar hydrogen gas tanks.

100% recyclable

The standard metals we are using are 100% recyclable. Our system generates no wastes during operation. The only side product from the process is pure water.

Low pressure

The low-temperature metal hydride storage system operates at the same pressure level as electrolysis and fuel cells.

Lifetime 30 years

Our systems save about 150 tons CO₂ over its life-time.

(Estimated 4x storage turnover / year for a 120kg H2 sized HY2MEDI system​)

No Capacity Loss

The metal hydrides can last for decades without any losses. (99% capacity after 3,500 cycles vs. 70% after 2000 cycles with Li batteries)





Strategic Partnerships

We have established strategic partnerships with experts in the field of Fuelcell and Electrolyser

Enapter Logo

Enapter is an innovative energy technology company that manufactures highly efficient hydrogen generators -known as electrolysers- to replace fossil fuels and thus drive the global energy transition.


Their patented and proven Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) technology enables the series and mass production of cost-effective-plug-and-play- electrolysers for green hydrogen production at any scale and any place.

Proton Motor Logo

Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH is a global expert in climate-nuetral generation with CleanTech innovations and emission -free hydrogen fuel cells developed and manufactured in-house.

The company’s focus is on stationary applications such as emergency power for critical infrastructures and mobility solutions such as back-to-base applications. The systems are used in the automotive, maritime, and rail sectors.

Institutional Partnerships

We are partnering with NSPC Contractors on government projects in the United States.

ESG Logo
Johnson Controls Logo

Our company is proud to announce three exciting partnership opportunities that demonstrate our commitment to providing innovative renewable energy solutions.


First we are partnering with MCAS Miramar in San Diego, renowned within the department of defense for its microgrid deployments.


We will be showcasing our HY2MEDI hydrogen storage solution for backup power, with our partner AECOM submitting a proposal that should receive a response from ESTCP by the end of the year.

Second, we are partnered with an energy service company in Indiana that works primarily with the U.S. Department of Defence.

We will be submitting a proposal for a renewable microgrid at Fort Belvoir in Virginia that includes our plug-and-play hydrogen solution.


Lastly we are partnering with JCI, an ESCO, for a solar project at Vandenberg AFB in Lompoc California. Our HY2MEDI hydrogen storage solution for back up power will be a key component.

We have the goal of achieving resilience and a payback of less than 10 years. With the potential for economic payback from stacking multiple user cases, we are excited to see the response from ESTCP by the end of the year.


These partnerships demonstrate our commitment to renewable energy solutions and our ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions for our partners in the Department of Defense.