Two solutions for your sustainable energy system

Our Hydrogen storage solution provides a groundbreaking all in one solution to store green hydrogen. It takes excess renewable energy sources and stores them safely until needed.


Our “power to power” solutions provide electricity or heat when needed and our “hydrogen storage” solutions offer you a longterm storage for hydrogen that can be used directly for industrial purposes.

When taking the excess hydrogen produced by renewable resources and storing them until needed our HY2MINI and HY2MEDI storage solutions offers two options.

The hydrogen can be converted into energy when needed, or the hydrogen can be transformed directly into heat as well, able to warm a domicile with ease.

Power to power Infographic

The hydrogen stored in the HY2MEGA can be converted into energy or heat and, for industrial purposes the hydrogen can also be accessed directly as hydrogen.

The hydrogen can be converted into energy when needed, or the hydrogen can be transformed directly into heat as well, able to warm a domicile with ease.

Hydrogen Storage Infographic


Having a GKN Hydrogen storage system gives you a 100 percent decentralized, off-grid, energy supply, allowing you to store energy completely independent from the grid for months on end.

The system is highly compact and safe, built perfectly for remote areas like high in the mountains, or even in the desert, it also has a very long lifespan of more than 30 years without degradation.


GKN Hydrogen’s energy storage system is a versatile solution for managing operating costs and easing capacity pressures on the grid. The system can be charged during low-cost energy periods and programmed to engage during high-cost periods.

Additionally, as a stand-alone energy system, it can maintain a supply during the summer months and store excess energy for the winter months, allowing users to stay off-grid for extended periods.

GKN's Hydrogen Storage HY2Medi in front of a house

Light Commercial | Elektro Bauer

Increase Efficiency of Buildings by Using Excess Green Power and Thermal Heat

HY2Medi in black at the Arieshof

Bio Hotel | Arieshof

Arieshof: energy self-sufficient hotel and farm with new hydrogen storage

Our Hydrogen Storage System HY2Mini in front of a farm

Green Farming | ACOM

Greenhouse Automation and Energy Balancing with Excess Photo Voltaic


Our storage system offers the perfect opportunity for a microgrid solution. GKN Hydrogen’s storage system can supply energy locally to multiple users while staying completely off grid.

Being on the central grid means you can be prone to power outages, a single tree falling can cut out half a town or even more, being attached to a micro grid means you can avoid such cascading grid failures.

Hydrogen storage system used for E-Charging

E-Charging | GKN Hydrogen

Expanding E-charging Capacities in an Innovative Parking Garage

GKN Hydrogen’s HY2Medi energy storage system integrated within the Circle Green Technical Park


Decarbonization of a Biogas

and Food Waste Digestor

Green energy storage "NREL" in the USA

Energy Lab | NREL

Innovative Hydrogen Storage solution project

Backup Power

As a backup power supply a GKN Hydrogen storage system can not only contribute to your decarbonisation strategy but can replace heavier energy sources like diesel generators.
Our system is not only designed to readily give an instant source of power but also provide continuous energy over a long period of time while giving you remote access from anywhere.

Auxiliary Power

Our Auxiliary power solutions enables end user to run their electrical infrastructure when the main power source is not available. From backup power to energy savings – Our auxiliary applications reduce downtimes and improve convenience, safety, and productivity.

Energy Balancing

The GKN Hydrogen storage solutions supports decarbonisation profiles of utilities by eliminating the requirement to use non-renewable alternatives to manage intermittency, such as coal or gas-fired peaker plants.

The HY2MEGA system can store up to 250kg of hydrogen per unit and can be configured to store unlimited quantities, while the HY2MEDI and HY2MEGA systems can support the operations of large industrial or commercial energy users.

Our Hydrogen Storage System HY2Mini in front of a farm

Green Farming | ACOM

Greenhouse Automation and Energy Balancing with Excess Photo Voltaic

CHP Heat on demand

Your GKN Hydrogen storage system can take the energy stored as Hydrogen and transform it into heat that can heat a private domicile or a whole business building complex.

Excess energy is collected in the summer and stored for whenever it’s needed, then with your HY2CONNECT you can transform that hydrogen into heat that can be used for a variety of things.

Hydrogen Storage

The growing demand for clean energy has created a significant momentum for green technologies. Using green hydrogen in industrial applications allows our customers reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to mitigating climate change.

Steel, Glass and Ceramic production:
Hydrogen is the reducing agent, replacing fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas. This helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve the sustainability of the energy intensive industry.

Chemical manufacturing:
Hydrogen is a key feedstock for the production of various chemicals, such as methanol and ammonia, which are used in a wide range of industrial applications.

Energy storage:
Use of Hydrogen in Peaker Plants, Hydroelectric and Utilities as energy storage, allowing excess renewable energy to be stored and used later when needed. This can help balance the variability of renewable energy sources and improve the reliability of the electricity grid.

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles can be used in a range of transportation applications, including cars, trucks, buses, and trains. These vehicles produce zero emissions and can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector.

Heat and power generation:
Hydrogen can be used in fuel cells to produce heat and electricity for industrial and commercial applications. This can provide a clean and efficient source of energy for buildings and facilities.

Hydrogen Production Resiliency

A electrolytic hydrogen production site is using excess hydroelectric power. The following diagram shows how metal hydride storage disconnects production from off-taking. This allows plant operator to continue producing hydrogen using otherwise-curtailed electricity regardless of the tube trailer off-taking schedule. The hydrogen will be offloaded to both 180 bar and 500 bar tube trailers. Hydrogen will also be used to fuel service vehicles at a co-located fueling station.

Our Solution Design Service

Our project support is based on customer-centered project management and well-established processing guidelines, 

overseen by experienced engineers and experts with many years of relevant experience.

Decarbonization Roadmap

analysis of as is situation, exploration of the best alternative solution for your operation.

Optimization and Modelling

identification and simulation of the best way to decarbonise your operations

System Feasibility
and Design

concept development studies, and together with its partners, building your customized green hydrogen sslution

Value Chain Turnkey Execution Plan

delivering integrated hydrogen solutions including long-term service agreements at competitive OPEX costs