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Reference Project: Arieshof
South Tyrol, Italy

A unique & sustainable living space

The Arieshof in St. Lorenzen, South Tyrol (Italy) offers a whole new world of sustainable experiences for families, children and couples. This newly built area offers an organic farm producing organic products combined with the comfort of a hotel. It combines sustainability, organic farming and innovative energy storage to impressively shows that future-proof and energy self-sufficient infrastructures are possible.

The Technical Challenge

The technical objective is to make the entire area as self-sufficient as possible in terms of energy. To achieve this primarily renewable energy sources are being used and the surplus will be stored in short- and long-term hydrogen storage units. When required, the storage returns the needed energy to power whatever is needed. The overall goal is to be at least 90% self-sufficient and therefore grid-independent operation can be ensured.

The first HY2MEDI in Europe

The solution we used for this project is our HY2MEDI System which is a turn-key, decentralized, green hydrogen energy storage system. 

The electricity generated by a big photovoltaic system and a block heating plant, which is fed with wood chips from the company’s own forest, is stored when surplus energy is available.

By using our smart digital control & monitoring systems, the entire system is more than 90% self-sufficient. Compared to conventional systems,

The advantages lie in the safe, long-term and compact energy storage. Compared to conventional hydrogen storage systems (high-pressure tanks), the metal hydride storage system is significantly safer.

The storage unit has a service life of more than 20 years and can be used for almost twice as long as comparable battery storage units today without any loss of capacity. 

Digital services such as consumption displays, energy management and simulations ensure optimal operation. Actual consumption is recorded and evaluated and used for future consumption forecasts. The system virtually controls and optimizes itself and thus creates an important additional benefit for the operator.

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Christoph Gröner
CEO & Founder,
Gröner Group

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