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Green Hydrogen Storage


Our mission is to stop climate change with clean energy for a "carbon neutral" world.​

We are pioneers, building the most reliable and safe hydrogen and energy storage systems in the world.

To provide you with the most sustainable solutions, we build long-term storage systems that store green hydrogen, from solar, wind and hydro energy, in large quantities and without losses, in metal hydride over long periods of time. When needed, the green hydrogen can be used directly or converted back into electricity and heat.


Solar power station and modern city buildings


Green building with vertical garden


Man with protective clothing works with steel

Leading the Global Change

Because that’s the case, we’ve set out to help customers around the world to achieve their ambitious environmental goals.

Through innovative turn-key solutions based on decentralized and sustainable energy systems, we create real added value.

For our customers. 

And for our environment.

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Metal Hydride Energy Storage


All-in-one solution for zero-emission power supply.


Solid-state hydrogen storage provides safety through design.


15x smaller size than 40bar hydrogen gas tanks.

Project request

Let’s explore how we can adapt our system to your individual storage requirements and stop climate change.