GKN Hydrogen and ZYNP sign Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to bring GKN Hydrogen's metal hydride hydrogen storage to Chinese market

  • Perfect fit – GKN Hydrogen as technology leader in the field of hydrogen storage with metal hydrides and ZYNP as global automotive supplier
  • The goal is the decarbonization of the Chinese mobility infrastructure and the market entry of GKN Hydrogen’s metal hydride storage systems


Bonn (DE) / Pfalzen (IT) / Henan Province (CN)


GKN Hydrogen, technology leader and manufacturer of energy and hydrogen storage systems with metal hydride, and ZYNP, global automotive supplier, sign a memorandum of understanding for future collaboration to jointly offer hydrogen solutions for the Chinese mobility infrastructure and to market GKN Hydrogen’s storage solutions in China. Both companies complement each other ideally due to their core competencies and see very good opportunities in their collaboration to develop the Chinese hydrogen market.

"China is already a leader in the production and use of green hydrogen. GKN Hydrogen has already realized 26 projects worldwide and is consistently focusing on its presence in growth markets and the development of new storage applications. In our view, the partnership with ZYNP provides ideal conditions to achieve our goals both commercially and technologically."
Guido Degen
Chief Executive Officer
“As a leading global automotive supplier, we are also investing in the development of hydrogen solutions. We will offer fuel cells in various power classes in the heavy-duty segment. In addition, the whole area of mobility infrastructure is very attractive and of great importance. GKN Hydrogen not only supplies the safest storage technology but is also the most advanced in the industrialization of its products. With our expertise and GKN Hydrogen's products, we will provide and implement the best hydrogen solutions for China."
Delong Xue
Chairman of ZYNP

As a first step, the partners intend to jointly define strategically important application areas and install a demonstration system in China. Both parties believe that a market ramp-up of metal hydride storage systems is possible relatively quick, as key issues such as market, cost, safety, and supply chain can be clarified quickly and easily in China. Both companies will be exchanging information intensively with immediate effect and will agree on appropriate actions.

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About GKN Hydrogen:

GGKN Hydrogen is transforming the way energy is stored – As a hydrogen storage company, offering the safest storage solutions in the world, we decarbonize industrial processes, power plants and infrastructure. Prioritizing safety, minimal footprint, and easy integration, we optimize project efficiency. Depending on requirements, the green hydrogen can be used directly or converted back into electricity and heat. The robust systems generate green hydrogen from fluctuating renewable energy sources, storing it compactly and safely in metal hydride over long periods of time:


  • Inherently safe, solid-state-storage of hydrogen
  • No compression required for storage
  • Smaller footprint than batteries or compressed gas storage


GKN Hydrogen is part of Dowlais, an engineering group specializing in the automotive sector.


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Mr. Dirk Bolz – Director Marketing & Sales


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Mr. Alan Lang – Senior Director Marketing and Business Intelligence Hydrogen




About ZYNP:

ZYNP is the world’s leading supplier of PCU systems for internal combustion engines, focusing on the overall design of cylinder liners, steel pistons, piston rings and efficiency improvement of internal combustion engines. ZYNP offers complete solutions with environmentally friendly and energy-saving cylinder liners and friction pairs for drive applications such as passenger cars, commercial vehicles, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, shipbuilding industry, power generators, etc. The production and sales of cylinder liners are at the forefront of the industry worldwide. At present, ZYNP Group’s business covers the following fields, PCU for internal combustion engine, automotive electronics, brake system (brake disk), hydrogen energy, intelligent equipment, superhard materials.


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Mrs. Huizhen Zhu


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