GKN Hydrogen opens new technology center in Pfalzen, Italy

  • The new modernly equipped Hydrogen Technology Center will initially staff around 60 highly qualified employees, with a focus on sustainability and clean energy solutions.
  • It will also house GKN Hydrogen’s global development and production activities.
  • With space to accommodate up to 200 employees in the future, it provides a foundation for collaboration, innovation, diversity, and growth.

Pfalzen/Bonn/Radevormwald/Carlsbad (CA) on April 18, 2023

GKN Hydrogen is opening its new hydrogen technology center in Pfalzen, Italy. Currently, around 60 highly qualified employees work at the new, modernly equipped campus. Through the new location, in the heart of Europe, the company will manage its global development and production activities in the future. Core competencies within the facility include, research and development, plant design and production, customer application design, and digitalization. In addition, important service functions such as Finance, Human Resources and Supply Chain will be located in Pfalzen.

"The entire company, and especially our employees on site, are thrilled about the new campus. It is an important step in our mission to drive the energy transition and offer our customers innovative and sustainable energy storage solutions. The Hydrogen Technology Center will help us accelerate our research and development of hydrogen technologies and expand our application expertise in this area. We are excited to take this important step into the future together as a highly motivated team."

The new GKN Hydrogen Technology Center, considered the world’s leading competence center for storing green hydrogen in metal hydrides, will conduct various research and development activities. It will work closely with research institutions, universities, and industry partners to promote local and international cooperation and knowledge exchange.

"With the technology center in Pfalzen, we are accelerating the industrialization of our solutions and our entry into the growing market of sustainable energy storage. Our customers benefit from a coherent overall offering that ranges from design and integration to commissioning and service of our energy storage solutions."

The new location will not only be a global center of expertise for hydrogen storage, but also a place of collaboration and exchange. For the young and ambitious company, it is an important communication platform from which to internationalize their innovative storage solutions and achieve ambitious growth goals.

“The opening of this impressive new building and the settlement of this green tech company is a milestone for our community and a testament to our commitment to economic growth and development. We look forward to the positive impact GKN Hydrogen will have on our local economy, and the many opportunities this will also bring for our residents.”

The opening of the hydrogen technology center marks an important milestone for GKN Hydrogen and its efforts to advance the energy transition. With the opening of the center, the company is in an excellent position to accelerate its growth in the hydrogen storage market and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Our team in front of our new technology center in Falzes

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About GKN Hydrogen:

GKN Hydrogen is pioneering safe, emission-free storage of green hydrogen to help users and organizations around the world achieve their carbon neutrality goals today and in the coming years. Utilizing its world-leading position in the field of metal powder solutions, GKN Hydrogen is bringing green, safe, and compact hydrogen storage solutions based on metal hydrides to market and offering a range of modular HY2 energy and hydrogen storage solutions.

Applications of GKN Hydrogen energy and hydrogen storage:

The modular systems are used in existing and new infrastructures to provide long-term storage of excess energy, ensuring the successful implementation of the energy transition. Applications include decentralized, off-grid energy supply in residential areas and purpose-built structures, their charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, and CO2-neutral emergency power supply for hospitals, data centers, and telecommunications facilities. In industry, the 100% recyclable systems are suitable for use as process gas storage and reduce the CO2 emissions of energy-intensive manufacturing processes.


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