GKN Hydrogen announces the opening of its US headquarters in Carlsbad, CA.

 CARLSBAD, CA, USA, March 24, 2023 – GKN Hydrogen today announced the opening of its North American headquarters. The company will manage its future activities in the USA and Canada from its headquarters in Carlsbad. This includes the organization of sales and application offices in the West, Mid-West and East regions as well as a service center for the HY2MINI, HY2MEDI and HY2MEGA energy and hydrogen storage systems including their localized production.

– The Carlsbad facility will house GKN Hydrogen Americas sales and engineering offices and service center for localization and field support of the company’s HY2MINI, HY2MEDI and HY2MEGA products.


– The Carlsbad location enables GKN Hydrogen Americas to participate in the region’s cleantech economy; facilitated by Cleantech San Diego, which includes more than 120 businesses, universities, governments, and nonprofits advancing sustainable solutions for the benefit of the economy, the environment, and all members of the community. 


– Located 30 minutes north of San Diego, 45 minutes south of Orange County the Carlsbad facility allows GKN Hydrogen Americas to attract employees from both the San Diego region and Orange County, California. 

GKN Hydrogen designs, manufactures, markets, and sells energy storage and hydrogen storage system utilizing metal hydride technology that help organizations decarbonize operations across a range of industries. The products store energy in the form of hydrogen within the company’s proprietary metal hydride hydrogen storage systems and is the safest way to store hydrogen in a compact footprint. 


The company’s products are deployable across a broad range of scale from small commercial facilities to industrial and utility scale installations. The GKN Hydrogen Americas team consists of professionals with the disciplines of business development, applications, and project engineering. The new facility will support the company’s expansion as the staff is expected to nearly triple over the next two years. The facility’s Carlsbad location allows GKN Hydrogen Americas to attract talent from both the San Diego region as well as Orange County, California.


At the Carlsbad location the HY2MINI and HY2MEDI products can be displayed to demonstrate the integration of hydrogen subsystems and components that result in the company’s energy storage products behaving like long duration battery storage but storing the energy in the form of hydrogen in the safest way possible – the solid state. 


“This Carlsbad facility gives us a presence in the US market and accelerates our efforts to sell, install and service GKN Hydrogen products in the Americas market”

"We are excited about the opening of our North American headquarters in Carlsbad. The investment will help us increase sales of our solutions in the American market and scale our business activities. We will leverage the resulting growth for further sales and business activities, as well as build-up and expansion into our local assembly

“We are pleased that GKN Hydrogen chose the San Diego region to locate its US headquarters. Hydrogen is an increasingly important contributor to decarbonization of our economy and innovations in storage like the GKN Hydrogen metal hydride hydrogen storage will help drive the adoption of hydrogen, ultimately benefiting the climate.”

Our office in Carlsbad, US,

About GKN Hydrogen:

GKN Hydrogen is pioneering safe, emission-free green hydrogen storage to help organizations and societies around the world achieve their carbon neutrality goals today, and in the years to come. By leveraging GKN’s world-leading position in powder metal solutions, they are bringing to market green, safe and compact hydrogen storage solution based on metal hydrides and offering a range of modular HY2 energy and hydrogen storage solutions.


About Cleantech San Diego:

Cleantech San Diego is a member-based business association founded 15 years ago that positions the greater San Diego region as a global leader in the cleantech economy. As a nonprofit organization, Cleantech San Diego is uniquely suited to support the industry by fostering collaborations across the private-public-academic landscape, leading advocacy efforts to promote cleantech priorities, and encouraging more equitable investment across the San Diego region.

Use of GKN Hydrogen Energy Storages: 

When needed, the green hydrogen can be used directly or converted back into electricity and heat to serve applications in existing and new infrastructure. The modular systems enable maximum versatility in the implementation of back-up power, off-grid energy supply, energy balancing and resiliency in residential and commercial buildings, large-scale utilities and industries, and refueling infrastructure. 


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