165 - 420 kWh

electrical energy

0,5 - 2 MWh

electrical energy

8,3 MWh

electrical energy

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Technology that initiates the energy transition


We store green hydrogen from renewable – sources for various application


Our state-of-the-art metal hydride storage has been developed and refined over the last 8+ years to become the most reliable and secure hydrogen storage solution on the market.


The robust system generates green hydrogen from fluctuating renewable energy sources, storing it compactly and safely in metal hydride over long periods of time.


  • Inherently safe, solid-state-storage of hydrogen
  • No compression required for storage
  • Smaller footprint than batteries or compressed gas storage

100% recyclable

The standard metals we are using are 100% recyclable. Our system generates no wastes during operation. The only side product from the process is pure water.

Low pressure

The low-temperature metal hydride storage system operates at the same pressure level as electrolysis and fuel cells.

15 years + lifetime

Our systems save about 150 tons CO₂ over its life-time.

(Estimated 4x storage turnover / year for a 120kg H2 sized HY2MEDI system​)

No Capacity Loss

The metal hydrides can last for decades without any losses. (99% capacity after 3,500 cycles vs. 70% after 2000 cycles with Li batteries)

Our HY2 Hydrogen Energy Systems

HY2MINI and HY2MEDI are fully integrated Plug and Play energy storage systems that convert renewable energy into hydrogen, safely store it back to electricity and heat.


10 - 25 KG

165 - 420 kWh

electrical energy

10 feet containerized storage solution.



30 - 120 KG

0,5 - 2 MWh

electrical energy

20 feet containerized storage solution.



HY2MEGA is a hydrogen storage subsystem that safely stores hydrogen without the need for compression in a compact footprint. 

250 kg