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In May 2021 we launched our new GKN Hydrogen Brand to the world. Thank you for joining us on this amazing adventure. Stay tuned for more updates about our next steps and activities. Subscribe to our Press Mailing List

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GKN Hydrogen: The Future of Green Energy

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Company Info

GKN Hydrogen’s 100% recyclable product suite has been developed and refined over the last eight years to become the most reliable and secure hydrogen energy storage solution on the market. The systems generate green hydrogen from fluctuating renewable energy sources and store it compactly and loss-free in metal hydride over long periods of time. When needed, the green hydrogen can be used directly or converted back into electricity and heat for a variety of applications.


 The modular system design allows for maximum versatility, from emergency power backup and off-grid energy supply to residential housing, maritime transport, and large-scale industry. This makes GKN Hydrogen an enabler for a decentralized, carbon-neutral energy supply infrastructure.

Executive Team

Guido Degen

CCO – Chief Commercial Officer

Guido was appointed CCO, Chief Commercial Officer at GKN Hydrogen in January 2022. Before, he has been part of the executive team at GKN Powder Metallurgy as Chief Operating Officer (COO). The GKN Hydrogen business launched in May 2021 and was created out of GKN Powder Metallurgy. As such he played a key role in the launch and initial phases of development of GKN Hydrogen. Guido has a wealth of technical expertise in the industry having first joined GKN Powder Metallurgy in 1996 as Product Development Engineer at its Sinter Metals division. From 2001 to 2012 he served as Plant Manager, Operations Director and Vice President Operations before being appointed to Vice President Business Development & Strategic Planning in 2013. In 2017 Guido was appointed to Senior Vice President Additive Manufacturing & Business Development. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Cologne in Germany.  

Gottfried Rier

CTO – Chief Technology Officer

Gottfried was appointed CTO, Chief Technology Officer at GKN Hydrogen when the business launched in May 2021, after being member of the GKN Powder Metallurgy Executive Team since 2014, from which GKN Hydrogen was first created. In this role Gottfried has made an extraordinary contribution since the very first beginning and has taken over leadership for technology development, the creation of the entire value chain and the creation of the first GKN Hydrogen production site in Bruneck.

After joining GKN in 1997 as Production Segment Leader, Gottfried was appointed in 2006 to the role of Plant Manager Bad Brückenau and in 2008 he took on the role of Vice President Operations and joined the Regional Management Team. In 2009 Gottfried took on the responsibility of the Regional Product and Process Development Centers and launched the regional Program Management Organization and then was given additional responsibility for the China Operations as well as the production plant in Cape Town (SA). He supported the integration of the newly formed Europe & Asia Pacific region. In 2012 he was appointed to Vice President Operations Europe GKN Powder Metallurgy. Gottfried has a certificate in Mechanical Engineering from an industrial high school in Bozen, Italy.

Press Contact Information

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Dirk Bolz - EMEA & APAC

Director Marketing

Jasmin Da Rui - Italy

Marketing & Funding Manager

Alan Lang - North America

Senior Director Marketing and Business Intelligence Hydrogen

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